Dashboard & App Demos

Default Dashboard

This is one of the many included dashboards to display various metrics, tables and charts.

default dashboard

Grid Dashboard

This dashboard features a simple-yet-stunning, 3-column responsive layout.

dashboard 5

More Dashboards

With multiple dashboard layouts, you decide which one works best for your project.

dashboard 4

Top Navbar

An alternate to the multi-level Sidebar, this layout works better to maximize horizontal screen real estate.

top navbar

Kanban Board

Drag-and-drop items between vertical "swimlanes" with this Trello-style task board.

task board

Inbox App

A working app (AngularJs, React and Vue!) that loads JSON message data and includes "Compose" and "Message" views.

inbox messages

Search List

A frequent use-case common to many Websites is displaying and filtering search results.

search results

Cards & Widgets

Make the most of your responsive design with various reusable widgets.

search results

Fully-coded and Loaded with Features


Have you seen all of Forque's beautiful light and dark themes? It's like getting 8 unique templates in one! CSS and customizable SASS are included.



Included are multiple administration-focused dashboard layouts that exemplify metrics, call-outs, focused content areas, data tables and charting. Dashboards can be used for different focus areas such as sales, e-commerce, server or traffic analysis.

Mini Apps

Forque is fully-coded and loaded! Unlike other non-functional design-only themes, Forque includes ready-to-run JavaScript apps that work with the included mock data.


UI Kit

Utilize Bootstrap's 25+ components, 100's of CSS styles and pre-made example widgets to kickstart your projects.

Pages Galore

Example pages are included for additional content such as Timeline, Gallery, Error (404 and 500), FAQ's and Pricing options.



Just like Bootstrap, this theme has been crafted with care for design and performance. All built on modern HTML5 & CSS3 specifications to ensure responsiveness, consistency and cross-browser support.

Bootstrap Built

The templates maximize use of Bootstrap 4 without extensive additional CSS. This makes customization and integration easier. The code is also easier to migrate when a new release comes along.



Forque is integrated with some awesome open-source projects & vendors...

Roadmap Ready

The path forward is clear and ready for continuous updates. Stay tuned for more upcoming features!


Hundreds of hours have gone into making this ready-to-use frontend kit that will save you a countless amount of time & money. 😊

Forque It!
Thanks for looking! 🙏 Themes.guide